Invest In Public Schools

Investing in public education contributes to the well being of our students, our community, and our society in general.

My children were fortunate to participate in the arts and athletic programs. I will advocate for investing in both the arts and athletic programs.

I will work with our community, our representatives, local companies, and volunteers to invest time, money, and other resources into our public schools.

Equity in Education

I will advocate for Early Childhood Education so that each has an opportunity to begin elementary school with the greatest opportunity for success.

I grew up understanding the importance of helping students feel successful and to participate at all levels and abilities. I am a strong advocate for Special Education.

School Safety

As a teacher I have experienced lock-down drills with students for over a decade. I have seen how the threat of gun violence affects our students.

Each of our students deserves a safe school environment, which I will continue to strongly advocate for.

I will monitor and evaluate school discipline practices, finding ways to prevent and resolve issues. And I will ensure students have sufficient access to school counselors.


I will champion strong technology resources to improve learning and engagement.

I will advocate for a careful balance of technology and classroom interaction between students and teachers.

Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes prove that we care about investing in our students. It gives each student the opportunity to develop a healthy and strong relationship with their teachers and each other.

Support Staff

We must value our entire school staff. I will advocate for retaining quality support staff, each of whom plays a critical role in the success of our students' education.

OutFront MN

Tamara Grady
OutFront Minnesota Action Board Member

OutFront Minnesota Action is excited to endorse Mia Olson as a candidate for Bloomington School Board. We appreciate your support of the LGBTQ community and look forward to working with you now and in the future on issues related to LGBTQ liberation.
OutFront MN

Rep. Michael Howard
District 50A

Mia is a compassionate leader who will listen to Bloomington families and will always put our kids first. She will be an excellent School Board member and I'm proud to support her.
OutFront MN

Dave Hutch Hutchinson
Sheriff, Hennepin County

Mia Olson is a champion for public education and public safety. Mia understands the benefits of education, empathy, and accountability. As Hennepin County Sheriff I understand how a strong education helps children prosper so that they can be successful later in life, which also makes our community safer. I live in Bloomington and I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have as a school board member in our community.
Women Winning

Meggie Wittorf
Executive Director

Women Winning is proud to endorse Mia Olson for Bloomington School Board. With more than two decades of experience as a substitute teacher and as the mother of two Bloomington Public School students, Mia will bring invaluable insight to the Board. Mia is a committed advocate for the well-being of students and will work diligently to ensure that Bloomington Schools are safe and supportive.
Mia Olson family